BERT MORROW, 90 San Diego, CA

Bert ran his first hurdle at age 69, when a friend suggested he take his leaping abilities to the track after celebrating his victory in tennis matches by jumping over the net! Since then, Bert has become a legend in the sport of track and field as a gold medalist and world-record holder. He broke 5 world records last year, including breaking his own in the 80m hurdles! He first lowered the record of 19.82 seconds to 19.4, then came back a week later and broke his own 19.4 record lowering it to 19.18! At the U.S. Indoor Championships, Bert broke the world record in the 60m sprint, 60m hurdles and the 200m sprint. His first world record was in 1989 at the World Championships in Eugene, Oregon at age 76 in the 80m hurdles at 16.14. Since then he's competed in 8 World Championships, as well as countless local, regional and national competitions -- winning literally hundreds of medals that he would rather award to his grandchildren for their accomplishments! In July, Bert won silver in the 80m hurdles at the 13th Annual World Veteran Track & Field Championships in Gateshead, England (where he was sponsored by Rosie O'Donnell) and he just won four gold medals at the San Diego Senior Olympics. Bert's always believed that it's not about winning and the medals -- it's the challenge and camaraderie of competition that keeps him going.

Personal: Bert starred in a national Chiquita Banana television commercial for three years which featured him running the hurdles and enjoying his breakfast of champions which always includes a banana. Diet plays an important role in his fitness program -- daily breakfast consists of a combination of 14 natural, whole grains which he tops with honey and bee pollen, as well as his "antioxidant cocktail" made with aloe vera juice. Bert believes diet and his daily stretching routine, combined with his cross-training ranging from pool, track, and weight workouts are the secrets to maintaining his health and vitality.


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