According to modern science, grains that are cooked lose some of their nutrients and enzymes. But they can be soaked for 24 hours, in order to make them more chewable, without destroying any of their health-giving qualities.

The grains that Bert uses and the quantities of each in the total mixture are as follows. Please consider "1 part" as equivalent to 1/2 pound. These items are generally found at a natural food store in the "bulk" section and it's best to take these ingredients, mix them all together, and then store the mixture in large ziploc bags. This recipe mixture lasts Bert approximately 2 1/2 months:

1. Whole Oats 10 parts

2. Whole Wheat 2 parts

3. Whole Rye 2 parts

4. Whole Buckwheat 2 parts

5. Whole Barley 2 parts

6. Whole Millet 2 parts

7. Whole Sesame 2 parts

8. Whole Alfalfa 2 parts

9. Flaxseed 2 parts

10. Amaranth 2 parts

11. Whole Kamut 2 parts

12. Whole Triticale 2 parts

13. Couscous 2 parts

14. Quinoa 2 parts

15. Chia Seed 2 parts

16. Poppy Seed 2 parts (If you are unable to find two or three of these, such as the Chia and Poppy seeds, it is not at all critical -- just go with what you can find and use it)


After you've mixed all your dry ingredients well and stored them in large ziploc bags, then all you need to do is spoon out enough for your daily breakfast.

Bert uses about 2/3 a cup of the dry mixture ... then pours boiling or very hot water on it ... cover the bowl or pot and leave mixture soaking til morning.

The next morning, pour off the water ... add one tablespoon of unprocessed honey and a sliced banana ... sprinkle a spoonful of BEE POLLEN on top and add milk or juice.

Once consumed, ladle out the next morning's batch, add the water, cover and you're on your way to a healthy, happy day!

Bert cab drive to a track meet and compete all day in his four events, without lunch -- or maybe just a power bar, and drinking only water! The energy comes from this power-building, nutritional, tasty breakfast, which has helped keep him in good health for year.


Bert drinks a shot of pure aloe vera juice every morning ... and adds a squirt of lime to zap the taste a bit. We have found the best price for a gallon at Sam's Club ... 100% pure aloe with citrus is a powerful antioxidant tool!


Bert believes the best price is ordering the bee pollen granules through Nature's Distributors based in Fountain Hills, Arizona. They can be reached by calling (800)624-7114 or on the web at (web orders receive free shipping!) Ask for the best price ... but usually it's the China Gold Bee Pollen Granules $13.80 for 1-2 lbs.