1. Before you get out of bed, take 3-5 minutes to do the following:

  • Raise arms above your head and reach up while lying on your back. Additionally, straighten and stretch your legs to elongate the body;
  • Next, bring each knee (one at a time) to chest while wrapping arms around the bent knee to bring it in toward your chest -- good stretch.
  • This is also a good time to masssage the calf of each leg with your knuckles and/or hands, as well as to massage your hamstrings while knees are in this bent position.
  • Additionally use this time to circle/rotate your ankles on each leg.

2. The next aspect of this routine requires an electric body massage wand that can be purchased at most local drugstores like Sav-On for about $20.

  • Use the wand for a full body massage. This process activates the cells to rejuvenate the body -- an essential part of Bert's routine:
  • Start at the base of the neck, to the shoulders, and down each arm. Continue around the side and back of the body, as well as down the front and back of each leg (hamstrings, quads and calves included).
  • Additionally, don't forget your feet! Be sure to go over to the top of the toes and foot, as well as the soles of the feet.

3. The next part of his routine requires both a squeeze ball and hand grips. Bert does about 25 squeezes with each hand on the ball first to loosen up, followed by another 25 on the hand grips for strength.

4. The chin-up bar is the next part of his routine, which Bert believes has helped alot in his shoulder flexibility -- particularly because he had a previous injury that stiffens if not stretched out daily.

  • A chin-up bar can be purchased at most sporting good stores and is the simple, inexpensive type you put between any door jam.
  • Place the bar high enough to hand from without your feet touching the ground. Hang without swinging for a 20-count and feel the stretch all the way through your body from your hands to your toes.

5. The next part will have to be improvised for most people because Bert's routine utilizes an "anti-gravity" inversion table that allows him to hang from his ankles while lying on this board that flips him over so he's inverted. From this position he then does 60 inverted sit-ups -- bringing his hands to his toes to strengthen the stomach muscles and "core" of the body.

  • Relax the Back stores carries the Hangups Inversion Table which is state-of-the-art, quality built, and affordably priced. This Inversion Table stretches your body, boosts your energy, increases flexibility and stimulates circulation. Inverted stretching allows your body weight to decompress the spine, increasing space between each vertebrae to relieve pressure on discs, ligaments and nerve roots.
  • If you don't have an anti-gravity machine, do crunch style sit-ups.

6. The next segment of Bert's routine is done on the floor with a mat:

  • Lie flat, place your arms behind your bent knees and bring them toward your chest, rounding your back, and hold for a 20-count.
  • Next, straighten your legs up, hands clasped behind your knees and stretch them back up over your head. You'll feel this stretch in your lower back.
  • If you can find a good piece of sturdy rope, Bert uses this to stretch his hips and this hip rotation keeps him flexible for hurdles.
  • Place the rope at the bottom of one foot while keeping the two ends of the rope in your hand (you should create a loop with the closed end around the foot and the open ends in your hands).
  • Lie down on your back and bring your straightened leg up by pulling the rope and leg toward you. Your other leg should remain in a comfortable position -- bent, or slightly bent while relaxed on floor.
  • You will feel this stretch in the hamstring of the leg you're pulling and you should continue bringing the leg toward you for a total stretch.
  • While keeping the rope in your hand and your leg up straight, rotate the leg to the side by opening up the hip. Hold stretch here 20 count.
  • Next, with the leg still at your side begin to rotate it forward and continue to make a circle by coming back across your body with the straight leg. Circle it around 5-10 times for good hip flexibility.
  • Switch legs and repeat.
  • After you've completed this stretch on both sides, while still on the floor, cross your legs indian-style and bring both knees up to your chest, using your hands to wrap around your ankles while you pull your knees toward you. Hold for a count of 20.

7. Finish off by standing up straight against a wall: Heels at the base of the wall, bottom touching, with back of head and shoulders against the wall also. Say, "Ears over the shoulders, Bert" and this leaves you ready to start the day with perfect posture. Think of it often -- don't slouch, head up, and shoulders back!

  • Before beginning this or any other exercise routine, be sure to check with a doctor first. No pain is good pain so stay within a comfortable range